If Christ then…

       What we value we place lots of time, money and effort in.  Would you agree with that statement? I hope so because it is true of all of us.  This past week I preached a sermon entitled “Worthy?”.  In Philippians chapter 1:21-30, Paul writes about his desire to value Jesus above all else.  In verse 21, he actually says, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Both life and death were about Christ for Paul and it should be the same for each of us as well.

      If we are followers of Christ then both our life and death will be for His glory.  Paul was so torn between the two because of his great desire to be with Jesus and his great desire to share Jesus.  Paul was not attached to the things of the world because he valued Jesus more than anything the world could offer.  His desire in life was to make the world aware of how much Jesus had done and was doing as he lived life.  Our life and death should be about Jesus.  Paul was just a man that was trying to make a difference because of what Christ did in his life.

     So, if we live like that, what happens?  If we make our life and eventual death about Jesus things begin to happen.  If Christ, then…. our culture sees Jesus! If we do as Paul claimed and live a life worthy of the of the gospel of Christ then people see a community that loves each other.  They also see a community that is diverse in all forms.  The christian community should be diverse because Jesus is all about saving the nations and transforming people and communities. You see, Paul understood something that is massive and that is, his salvation was not just about himself.  Paul was saved for the purpose of furthering the gospel.  The same is for you and me.  The gospel doesn’t stop with us.  When we come to Christ our lives are to become conduits for the gospel.   If we (that is you and I) begin to live a life in a manner that is worthy of the gospel then things will begin to happen and we will begin to connect people to Christ.

     Are you ready to see things happen? Are you ready to be a conduit for Christ?  I know that I am! I want to live a life that is worthy of the gospel of Jesus because I know what Jesus has done in my life.  Jesus has taken this broken man and he is making me whole.  He is taking me and writing a story that is absolutely awesome because it is about Him, not me! I am ready for my church to be the kind of community that shows Jesus!

John TrewhellaJohn, Blog, 2017Comment