My Top Five Favorite Podcasts

In one of my recent blogs "One Hundred Sixty Eight" I mentioned that I enjoy listening to podcasts while I am running (Trotting, Walking, Crawling), getting ready in the morning or during on my daily commute.

I have found podcasts to be a great way to continue your education and also a wonderful time of inspiration. You see, I have an aversion to wasting time and podcasts fill those few minutes that I do not have something scheduled each day.


1) The Jeremy Roberts Leadership Podcasts.

Dr. Jeremy Roberts is the lead pastor of the Church of the Highlands in Harrison Tennessee. This is an exciting an innovative church. ( This podcast deals with Leadership, Creativity, Church Growth and Vision. Jeremy interviews people who give keen insight into each of these topics. His podcasts are full of transferable “helps” for everyone interested in leadership and church growth. You can find his podcast at You can also pick up one of his books on his website.

2) This Is Your Life With Michael Hyatt.

Michael Hyatt is the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing and his podcast deals with “How to Win at Work and Succeed at Life.” Michael gives practical tips that are very applicable. Most of his podcasts are around thirty minutes and so I usually listen while I am on my way to the office. You can find this podcast at

3) Dr. Ken Duggan.

Dr. Ken Duggan is the pastor of Dallas Bay Church. Ken has been at this church for 26 years. Under his leadership the church has grown from 25 to over 3000 members. This is a mega- church in the North Hixson area of Chattanooga. I really enjoy this podcast because Ken is an incredible preacher. The church website is On his website you can find many sermon series that will challenge and inspire you as you walk with King Jesus. Ken regularly blogs at

4) The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast.

Carey is the lead pastor of Connexus Church in Toronto Canada. This podcast is about Leadership, Change and Personal Growth. Carey interviews people who are on the cutting edge. His easy going style is very enjoyable. I am reading his book “Lasting Impact” and it is a page turner. You can find his content at

5) Rainer on Leadership.

Thom Rainer is the CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources. Dr. Rainer talks about the latest trends in the life of the church. He shares a lot of statistics that are very helpful. If you pastor a church or if you are a lay leader you will enjoy this podcast.

I subscribed to each of these podcast and so I never miss an episode. Well it is off for a run…let’s see will it be a sermon by Ken Duggan, or a leadership podcast by Jeremy Roberts? I tell you what… today…it’s going to be a little Bob Dylan!!!!