Do Over

Do Over, Do Over!”  I called, “DO OVER.” I remember growing up and playing basketball, football, tennis, freeze tag, and king of the hill. I was Kareem Abdul Jabbar even though I was only five feet tall. I was O.J. Simpson before…well anyway. I was Jimmy Conners and W.D. Pate (He was our neighborhood stud that was the best freeze tagger and he was definitely king of our hill).  In every one of these back yard sports we had this unwritten rule. It was called, “Do Over”. Looking back, it did not make a lick of sense. For some reason it was only used a few times in each game and for some unknown reason we never argued the right of anyone to call, “Do Over”. It was just accepted.

Wouldn’t that be great in real life? I just ran a red light and now I see blue lights. “Do Over!”  I just went to a barber that I have never gone to before. “Do Over!”  I opened my mouth when I should have kept it firmly closed. . .  I ate that fourth piece of pizza with extra anchovies. . . I just volunteered to chaperone the youth lock in.  “Do over, Do Over, DO OVER!” Each of these represents something that we can easily recover from (even though the hair cut will take a week or two). But there are times in life that we could seriously use a Do Over.

As believers, we serve the God of the second chance. Peter warmed himself at a fire and promptly denied Christ. This same Peter preached at Pentecost and three thousand were added to the church. Jonah was called by God, ran, took the world’s worst cruise, and made a big fish sick. As he shook the seaweed off, this former fugitive preacher, shared a short message that resulted in the greatest revival meeting ever recorded. Can you say, “Do Over?”

If you are like me…and you are! You (We) need this amazing grace that our Lord dishes out. He waits on the prodigal and then throws a party upon his return. We sin royally! Even Royalty sometimes will take a glance that turns into a gaze. That gaze will lead to sin and then more sin to cover the original sin. But what a mighty God we serve! He will send a prophet who tells a story. That little story will bring us to our knees. We confess! He forgives!

As we grow in the Lord we should call Do Over less and less. However, we will never reach a time in our lives that it will be un-necessary to cry, “Do Over” until we one day hear, “Well Done”.  (By the way, one of my favorite toys growing up was the Etch-a-Sketch.  Just shake it when you mess up and shout out, “DO OVER!”)